Saturday, March 28, 2009

Serious Claw Snag

We had a serious occurrence yesterday evening. I have the blinds in the two small windows in my sitting room pulled all the way to the top with the cords tucked up around the top of each one. One of the windows has a cat perch in it so Bella and Fred can sit in comfort and watch the wildlife in the back yard.

Late yesterday afternoon, Bella evidently worried the cord loose and was playing with it, I was not watching so don't know exactly what happened. The next thing I knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs, amazing how loud such a small kitty can be, and she was swinging around on the cord caught by what I think was one of her dew claws. I grabbed a throw off the chair and tried to catch her but she was in such pain and so panicked that she was snarling and hissing at him in between screams. I finally got my hand under her enough to take the stress off the claw and it came loose.

She left the room and it was about 15 minutes before I could find her. She was behind the living room couch with just her head sticking out. She hissed when I even came close. Fred, being a pretty smart boy, got under my bed and stayed there all the time this was going on.

Since I saw no blood anywhere, just puddles where she had lost control of her bladder, I cleaned everything up and left her alone. A couple of hours later she came out, but would not let me touch her.

She did come to bed with last night and today seems fine, although she will not let me touch her paws. I imagine at least one of them is sore.

I don't know if it the after effects of the trauma, or what, but she has not been on Fred's case today so that is the silver lining in that cloud.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whinges of a Couch Potato

At my last doctor's visit, she ordered a fasting glucose, along with other blood work. Everything else was fine, but my glucose test was not. It was in the pre-diabetic range, although not far. She told me I could head off a lot of trouble by losing some weight, and she wanted me to meet with the clinic's dietitian to "adjust my diet."

I made an appointment and last Monday I met with Julie, a young women with a toothpick body. I will give her this, she was not the least bit judgmental and took as the truth my statement to her that I understood about carbs and fats and proteins, and pointed out that I had dropped my total cholesterol numbers 30 points in a year by watching what I ate.

I told her that I was pretty much eating the right things, but that portion control was my problem. I also explained how much I hate to exercise.

Her comment on that was that you needed to find something you enjoyed for exercise. She obviously did not get the point, there is no exercise under the sun (or water for that matter) that I enjoy. I can tolerate some things, I like walking in my neighborhood particularly in the spring when things are beginning to bloom, but that is no longer an option because if I walk more than two days in a row, my feet hurt.

I find exercise of any sort boring. That is the bottom line. If I can get into a good book on my MP3 player I can stay on the elliptical machine on my sun porch for 10 minutes, but only by taping over the timer on the console and setting the kitchen timer to keep from watching the numbers creep up.

This is genetic I am certain. My mother did not like exercise. She was and I am a sedentary, book reading, couch potato.

If anyone has a solution to this, I would love to have it, because I have to lose 5 pounds by April 24 and another 5 by May 22.

I have the food part of it in place, just need to boost the energy expenditure. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Job finished!

Well, I finished my medical directory job today. I printed the final pages abot 2:30 and have been saving and backing up data and word processing files to be on the safe side.

It seemed to go faster this year and I am assuming that is because I have been doing this so many years that I have pretty much figured out the best way to to it all.

But I think also for the first time in many years, I did it with nothing else hanging over me. Knowing that this job was all I had to do (read worry about!) made it go much faster. Even the fact that I have a new computer and a new printer, and I ended up having to print each page of the copy separately because I kept getting line spaces and hard column codes inserted in strange places. So I would get each page right and then print it before going on to the next one. A little slow but easier than trying to print it over and over, wasting expensive laser paper and toner.

I have been escorted every key stroke by my roommates, Bella and Fred. This afternoon it was almost like Fred knew it was over, because I caught this picture just now (his favoriate sleeping position).