Sunday, April 19, 2009

Score one for Readers

Several weeks ago, the Ark Democrat-Gazette in a cost-cutting move discontinued the "Books" Section of the Sunday paper. This was a two page section printed as part of the "Travel" section.

In today's paper I happily noted that "Books" is back, although only one page. At least it contained the Best Seller List, and three articles about writers/books. I can only assume this was brought about by others in addition to myself complaining.

I think this was a case of a newspaper staff that doesn't really understand its readers. It probably never occurred to them that there would be an outcry over the loss of this section as long as they left the "Sports" pages alone.

Just as a side note, today's sports section was 14 pages. That says way more than I like about the priorities of the people of this state.