Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Me?

I know I am the one who is always says that Americans are spoiled. We have too many choices when we shop. I just came from the grocery store where I counted about four different brands of green beans on the shelf, each brand offering 3 or more cuts, preparations, etc. When you have lived in a country where you are lucky to find one can of green beans on the shelf, you become very aware of how much over abundance we are surrounded with.

Having said that, I am asking why me? First it was the Playtex bra that I have worn for years, discontinued. Replaced they said by something better (read more expensive). It was not better, it was unwearable. If I had wanted to wear a suit of armor I would have purchased one. It did not fit in the size I have been wearing, or in any other size I tried.

Then, the Eau de toilette I have been wearing for a number of years, a classic fragrance from Floris of London called Malmaison, was discontinued.

Now, the Purina cat food that Bella and Fred love and thrive on has been discontinued. Replaced by something similar (read more expensive) but not the same. Fortunately there was one bag of the old food left on the shelf, so I now have to wean them from that on to another one--not a Purina brand. They have lost me.

What next? I'm afraid to even consider the question closely.

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Janna Barber said...

Mr. Glass-Half-Empty, Sam, often asks "why does bad stuff always happen to me?" To which I calmly respond, "It's a conspiracy, Sam. They're all out to get you."

Then he recounts, again, all the examples which verify my theory is in fact true, such as the release of a new Harry Potter movie on his birthday, TWO YEARS AGO! The boy has a hard time letting things go.

However, your complaints have the ring of legitimacy, Nancy. Sorry for the downers, hope you can find suitable replacements.